• Queen Bedroom

    Plenty of room for everyone going on that whitewater rafting trip!

  • Gauley-Get-Away Cabin bedroom

    Bring the kids, aunt Betsy and Uncle Roy, too!

  • Gauley-Get-Away Bedroom

    One of the 6, yes 6, bedrooms in the Gauley-Get-Away!

  • Gauley-Get-Away Cabin bedroom

    The Gauley-Get-Away is perfect for large family gatherings or family reunions.

  • Huge Deck at Gauley-Get-Away

    The huge deck has a large picnic table and a hot tub.

  • Gauley-Get-Away Dining Area

    There are several areas available to feed the masses!

  • The Gauley-Get-Away Fireplace

    The cabin is big but the fireplace is cozy!

  • gauley_away_outside_fs

  • The large deck

    This WV cabin features a large deck with a picnic table that is large enough for the entire family!

  • Gauley-Get-Away Kitchen

    The Gauley-Get-Away Galley is fully equipped with full-sized applicances.

  • One of the Living Areas in the Gauley-Get-Away Cabin

    Living area galore!

  • Living Room

  • The Large Picnic Table on the Covered Deck.

    Gather 'round! Dinner is ready!

  • The Game Room and Pool Table

    Unwind with a game of pool then jump in the hot tub to relax.

  • Twin Bedroom

    The twin bedroom is perfect for the youngsters!

  • Our Largest Vacation Cabin

    The Gauley-Get-Away! is our largest cabin and perfect for whitewater rafting adventures and large family gatherings or family reunions.