• The Babcock State Park Grist Mill

    The mill is still operational and you can buy meal and flour made there.

  • Monongahela-National-Forest

    Monongahela National Forest

  • Cranberry Glades Botanical Area

    In 1974, the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area was designated a National Natural Landmark.

  • Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine

    A Miners’ Shanty at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine

    A visit to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine will take you back to a time of the company store and company housing.

  • Monongahela

    Monongahela National Forest

    The Highland Scenic Highway is a day trip you'll love!

  • Monongahela National Forest

    Another view of the Monongahela National Forest

    Cranberry Glades, or "The Glades" as they are known, is more characteristic of Canadian Bogs than anything else found in the United States.

  • babcock


    Babcock State Park

  • Fall - West Virginia Hunting

    Come visit us during the fall season for beautiful views!

    Fall is a very popular season, not only for seeing the changing colors of the trees but for whitewater rafting as well. Book early!

  • tamarack

    Shopping WV made at Tamarack

    Don't leave our area without shopping for some handmade gifts at Tamarack!

  • Motoring the Monongahela National Forest

    Motoring the Monongahela National Forest is a wonderful way to spend a day!

  • The mine’s Superintendent enjoyed a much nicer home!

    Coal mining has come a long way but is still a rigorous and dangerous job.

  • New River

    A Jetboat on the New River at Hawk’s Nest State Park

    Hawk's Nest State Park has fantastic views and a cool jetboat ride on the New River!

  • Beckley-exhibition-coal-mine


    Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine